How to Save a Bad Valentine’s Day Date

So you had the perfect Valentine’s Day date planned.  But then something went horribly, horribly wrong!  Is there any way of salvaging your romantic date?  There are some things you can do to turn that bad Valentine’s Day date around.

If you’re running late, call your date and let her know.  That’s rule #1 for making sure any date doesn’t start off horribly.  Then you have to try to salvage your dinner reservation.  If you’re more than 15 minutes late, your reservation will most likely be cancelled.  You can try calling a few other restaurants and seeing if they can fit you in.  Don’t stress over it, though.  If you end up at McDonald’s or ordering a pizza, try to laugh about it.

Be sure to carry a stain-removing pen with you just in case you or your date spills something.  If you do spill something, don’t over-react.  Shrug it off, make a joke out of it, and move on.  Don’t let it set the tone for the rest of the evening.

Be flexible.  If you’ve gone to an event that you can tell she’s just not enjoying, it’s fine to suggest you go somewhere else.  Maybe neither of you is having fun, maybe you are, but either way, Valentine’s is supposed to be special for the two of you.  If one of you is miserable, change your plans mid-stream.

Sometimes events are completely out of your control.  There’s a traffic jam, for example, or an event has been cancelled due to bad weather.  Don’t blame yourself for these things.  Also, don’t keep bringing them up all night.  Yes, something bad happened and your date has gone off-track.  Don’t bring it up every five minutes.  Whining and complaining will only make it worse for her.

Was your date so bad there was no fixing it?  Have a make-up date plan.  For example, take her out to lunch on the 15th, or, if you can afford it, take her out of town the next weekend.  Have flowers delivered to her office with a handwritten note saying how sorry you are that the date took a wrong turn.

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Show Her How Much You Love Her

This Valentine’s Day, don’t just tell her how much you love her.  Show her.  Actions have always spoken louder than words, even though words are quite important.  Tell her you love her, certainly, but back it up with romantic actions to show her you truly mean it.

How do you show her you love her?  There are a number of different things you can do.  Here are just a few ways of showing your love on Valentine’s Day.

•    Don’t go to just any restaurant, go to one that has a special meaning to the two of you.  Maybe it was the site of your first date, or maybe it was where you proposed.

•    Give her a bouquet of her favorite flowers.

•    Take her out somewhere special, like to see her favorite artist in concert or to an event she’s been wanting to attend.

•    Get her jewelry.  A beautiful pair of earrings, a necklace, or a bracelet is a great gift idea.

•    Be a gentleman.  While it’s not an expensive bracelet, it does show her that you love and respect her.  Open the car door, pull out her chair, and tell her she looks beautiful.  These little acts show just as much love as the big ones do.

•    Another little action that will show her how much you love her is to be on time.  Have a plan for the evening, including reservation times, any directions you need, and the tickets to any event.

This Valentine’s Day, show her you love her by making it a date you’ll both remember!