Romance Takes Times. And Planning Ahead

Romance isn’t always spontaneous, despite how it might seem in romance movies.  In real life, you have to make plans to make romance happen.  It’s not that difficult (unless you want a crowd singing and dancing to your loved ones like in a musical), but it takes work and planning.  Here are a few things you should plan ahead.  This is especially true for days like Valentine’s.

•    Make reservations at the restaurant.  You don’t want to arrive only to find that your favorite restaurant has a wait of a few hours.  This is especially important on Friday and Saturday evening and on holidays.

•    Order your flowers early.  Roses may sell out for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.  Poinsettias become harder to find the closer it gets to Christmas.  Remember, even the best-stocked florist doesn’t have an infinite supply of flowers.

•    Make sure you both know the overall plan for the date.  She needs to know where to meet you or what time you’re picking her up.  She also needs to know what to wear.  If you’re going someplace formal, don’t assume she will be dressed up unless you tell her to.

•    Don’t wait until the last minute to get tickets to that event you want to go to.  It may be sold out.

•    If you think the date may end at your place, be sure to clean up beforehand.  Nothing kills the mood faster than walking into a dump that smells like last week’s laundry.

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Say I Love You With Flowers

There are many different ways to tell someone you love them, but one of the most popular is to say it with flowers. From a single red rose to a full bouquet of two or three dozen, flowers convey a powerful message.

One of the most important aspects of saying that you love her with flowers is to use the right flowers. One factor to consider here is how long you’ve been dating. If this is your first date or one of your first, don’t go overboard. A single red rose is appropriate here. If you’ve been dating for a year or more, a bouquet of a dozen is probably the better route.

Another question is whether you give her the flowers in person or have them delivered. Since Valentine’s Day is on Monday this year, having them delivered is a great way of showing her co-workers how much you love her. Hearing a knock on the door and opening it to find a deliveryman holding a bouquet is also nice. However, if you’re giving her a single rose or a small bouquet, giving it to her in person may be the better way to go.

Any flowers will convey your love, but to really show her how much you care, make sure the flowers you send her are very personal to her. For example, if she hates roses, don’t give her roses. If you know she loves the color purple, see if you can get purple flowers (there are purple roses, for example). Whatever you do, go with something that you know she will like. Doing so shows her that you know her preferences.