Popular Spring Flowers

Spring is here, and so are the many popular spring flowers!  These bright, beautiful blooms make great arrangements and can really brighten up a room.  There are many different flowers that bloom during the spring months.  Here are just a few of them.

Tulips are one of the most popular spring flowers.  Tulips come in so many different colors that you’re sure to find one that matches your décor and style.  Putting a classic arrangement of tulips on your dining room table can really brighten up the room and your mood.

Lilies are another great option, especially if you want a flower that won’t scream for attention.  If you want something colorful, think about mixing flowers other flowers with lilies.  Roses, peonies, lavender, tulips, wildflowers…you can mix and match different colors to make a really bright bouquet.

Hyacinth is a nice spring flower, especially when combined with another perennial like crocus.

Daisies are another spring flower that makes us smile.  They’re a very simple flower and look nice in any room.  Or consider hydrangeas, especially since their soft, light shades can be matched your tablecloth, bedspread, drapes or other fabric in your décor

Any of these spring flowers will bring a breath of fresh air into your home and get rid of those winter blues.  We have many different spring flowers in Houston, Texas, that are ready for delivery.

All About the Tulip

Have you heard about the tulip?  This amazingly beautiful flower has a long and varied history.  Many people love to put bouquets of tulips on their tables and plant them in their flowerbeds to brighten things up.  But how many people really know where the tulip came from?

Originally, the tulip was a wild flower that grew in Asia.  The Turks were the first people to start cultivating it around 1000 AD.  They planted tulips in their palace gardens.  Later, in the 17th century, biologist Carolus Clusius brought tulips home with him, introducing the flower to Europe.  He named it “tulip” after the Turkish word for turban.

The tulip soon became popular with gardeners, especially in Holland.  The first bulbs sold for incredibly high prices, especially once botanists started to hybridize the flowers to create different colors.  These hybrids were so expensive that in some places they sold for more than a home in Amsterdam.  Eventually, of course, the growing availability of tulips drove the price down, but they remained incredibly popular among all people.

One very interesting fact was discovered in the 20th century.  The amazing flame colors and the frilly petals that made tulips so popular were actually caused by a virus!  These brilliant tulips were infected by the mosaic virus.  A healthy tulip is actually solid and monotone.  Today, diseased tulips are not sold.  Instead, the tulips most people grow are hybrid plants that have the amazing looks without the virus.

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