What to Do in Houston this Spring

Do you live in Houston, Texas, and want a fun event or two to do this spring?  Here are a few of the great upcoming events that will be held in Houston in the next couple of months.

Box City – this interesting art exhibit will run through April 20 at the Lawndale Art Center.  Artist Rahul Mitra created Box City from hundreds of cardboard boxes he found in the trash.  Box City recreates the slums of Mitra’s native India.

Dance Theatre of Harlem: 40 Years of Firsts – The University Museum at Texas Southern University will be host to this amazing exhibit celebrating the history and art of dance.  It includes costumes, videos, photographs, tour posters, set pieces, and more.

Olivewood Cemetery: Past, Present, and Future – Take a guided tour of Houston’s first incorporated African American cemetery every day until May 25th.

The 43rd Annual Houston International Festival – This annual event will be held April 20/21 and 27/28.  This year, the highlighted country is Brazil.  The festival will begin at the Hobby Center on April 12 and feature different events over the next two weekends.  Highlights include a living museum, a global village, an arts and crafts market, and an international market area where visitors can purchase items from around the world.

Houston Art Car Parade – The 26th Annual Houston Art Car Parade will be held May 9-11 on 2402 Munger St. in Houston.  The parade features amazing cars that look like no other.  You’ll see cars covered in flowers, lights, and much more.  There are even cars shaped like shoes and other objects.

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Bring the Springtime Indoors with Flowers

Springtime is almost here!  The bright and beautiful flowers will be blooming, the trees and grass will be bright green again, and the weather will be warm enough to stay outside and enjoy it all.  But right now, that last winter chill is still threatening to come in and keep March on the cool side.  If you don’t want to wait for spring, you can bring some of that springtime cheer into your home with some beautiful flower arrangements.

Flowers can truly bring a new look and feel to a room.  One of the reasons why is because they’re living.  Any living, natural thing will stand out in a room.  It also helps that spring flowers are usually bright and cheerful.  They will really pop out, especially in a room that tends to be dark or full of earth tones.

If you’re tired of the dull colors of winter and want something to bring some light and happiness to your home, pick out a beautiful arrangement of flowers.  The sight and smell of these gorgeous blooms is sure to make it feel like spring has arrived.

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Flowers Brighten the Winter Months

The winter months are plagued by cold winds, deep snow, and freezing temperatures (unless, of course, you’re somewhere like the California beaches.  Then things just get a little chilly).  A lot of people feel depressed and have less energy during these colder months.  If you feel these symptoms, you might think you have a touch of the flu or a cold, but you might have seasonal affective disorder, a medical condition that affects a good number of people.  Those who deal with feeling tired and depressed all winter long are always looking for some way of cheering themselves up.

How can you brighten up the winter months?  Here are a couple of ideas:

•    Add some brightly colored throws and pillows to your sofa and bed.

•    Put on some music.  Cheerful music can help chase away the blues.

•    Add fresh flowers to your home!  Flowers bring in the sights, smells, and touch of spring.

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Popular Spring Flowers

Spring is here, and so are the many popular spring flowers!  These bright, beautiful blooms make great arrangements and can really brighten up a room.  There are many different flowers that bloom during the spring months.  Here are just a few of them.

Tulips are one of the most popular spring flowers.  Tulips come in so many different colors that you’re sure to find one that matches your décor and style.  Putting a classic arrangement of tulips on your dining room table can really brighten up the room and your mood.

Lilies are another great option, especially if you want a flower that won’t scream for attention.  If you want something colorful, think about mixing flowers other flowers with lilies.  Roses, peonies, lavender, tulips, wildflowers…you can mix and match different colors to make a really bright bouquet.

Hyacinth is a nice spring flower, especially when combined with another perennial like crocus.

Daisies are another spring flower that makes us smile.  They’re a very simple flower and look nice in any room.  Or consider hydrangeas, especially since their soft, light shades can be matched your tablecloth, bedspread, drapes or other fabric in your décor

Any of these spring flowers will bring a breath of fresh air into your home and get rid of those winter blues.  We have many different spring flowers in Houston, Texas, that are ready for delivery.

Outdoor Entertaining

Spring is the perfect time to move those dinner parties outdoors!   The main focus of any outdoor dinner party is going to be the setting, so you’ll want to think ahead and really plan.  If you’re eating a full meal outdoors, your table should be set just as you’d set it inside.  Because it is outdoors, you don’t have to use fine china or use an expensive table cloth, but you should think about a centerpiece and other decorations.

There are a lot of different options for outdoor dining.  For example, if you have a nice picnic or other type of outdoor table, you may elect not to use any tablecloth at all.  If you’re having a cookout, paper plates, plastic silverware, and paper cups may be more appropriate than good dishes.  Even if you do use dishes and silverware, you don’t have to use your best bowls or serving platters as you would inside.

As far as decorations go, a lot of people use the natural beauty of their flowers and gardens.  You can always move some of your potted plants and flowers up closer to the table, and a few small potted flowers can make great centerpieces.

Likewise, hanging paper lanterns over the table and then lighting scented candles can make a nice addition to natural lighting.  Avoid turning on the harsh outdoor lights if you can.  Another option is to string some Christmas lights in your trees, bushes, and even on your house.  These small lights can actually put off a good amount of illumination.  Candles, too, put off a lot of light and have a secondary use: scented candles can help drive away bugs and mosquitoes so you can dine in peace.  Be sure you do consider pests when planning your party.

Dining outdoors is often seen as more informal than dining indoors, especially if you’re serving food off the grill.  Just because it’s informal, however, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t put some work into setting the perfect table.  Just take a few minutes to think of how best to make use of your outdoor setting.

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Sprucing Up Your Spring Flowerbeds

Spring marks the time to get out into your flowerbeds and gardens.  While cleaning away the dead plants, tilling the soil, and planting new seeds are certainly all parts of making your flowerbeds look great, there’s more you can do.  Here are a few little ways you can spruce up your spring flowerbeds and make them look amazing.  Most of them don’t take that much work, either!

•    Add a few hanging pots.  You can hang these from your porch or get a few hanger poles and put them in your flower beds.  These poles should be sturdy and pushed down deep into the soil, especially if you’re hanging a heavy basket of flowers off of it.  However, the end result is a nice multi-layered effect.

•    Add mulch to your flowerbeds.  Mulch does two things: it helps keep weeds from growing up in your flowerbeds, and it helps hold in water so you don’t have to water your flowers as much.  It can also add some nice contrasting color to your green plants.

•    Add an edge around the flowerbeds.  You can use small wooden fencing, rocks, wooden railroad ties, bricks…be creative!

•    Divide large flowerbeds or even your garden with a path made from paving stones.  You can find these large stones at almost all lawn and garden stores.  Some are plain, but some have images or decorative patterns on them.

•    Put a birdbath or a few bird feeders out in your garden to attract a few feathered friends.

•    Another neat addition is a fountain.  You can find small pools and fountains for fairly affordable prices.  Many fountains include a solar panel so you don’t have to provide any other type of energy.

•    Speaking of solar power, you could also add a few solar powered lights around your garden.  As it gets darker, these lights will turn on and use the solar power they’ve stored up all day, making your flowerbeds glow.

Don’t forget to keep your flowerbeds looking great with regular maintenance and weeding!

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Moving from Winter to Spring

March 20 is the first day of spring.  During this month, many people take the time to make the transition between winter and spring.  What does it mean to go from winter to spring?  There are several things you can do when the season changes.

Change your decorations.  Put away things like your heavy blankets and the blankets you keep by the sofa for those chilly nights.  You can change up your snowy decorations and replace them with flowers and other bright, cheery items.  You can even put away candles that have a heavier scent and replace them with some that are a bit more spring-like.

Go through your closets and move the winter clothing to the back.  Get your spring and summer items out, give them a wash if they’ve been in a box, or get them dry cleaned if necessary.  If you see items you can’t wear any longer or that you haven’t worn for several years, consider donating them to charities like Goodwill or the Salvation Army.

You also need to prepare your home for spring.  Clean out the gutters, do some touch-up repairs to the outdoors, and get your yard cleaned up.  Your flowerbeds and gardens may have some dead plants in them, so you’ll need to get rid of them and work up the ground for your new flowers and vegetables.

Finally, another way of moving from winter to spring is to change up your habits.  You can now go jogging outdoors instead of running on a treadmill at the gym.  If you live near your workplace, you can walk or ride your bike there.  You can eat lunch outdoors, spend time walking the dog, and relax outdoors.

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