Woo Her with Roses

If you really want to make an impression on her this Valentine’s Day, you’ll woo her with roses.  There’s just something so incredibly romantic about these flowers.  They’ve represented love and romance for centuries, and they’re given on Valentine’s Day and other romantic occasions around the world.

To truly woo her with roses, you need to be sure to, well, have roses to give her!  If you haven’t ordered them yet, you may still have time.  But HURRY!  It’s the 13th!  Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, and many people have already put in orders for roses.  They’re the most popular Valentine flower, and getting them at this late a date may not be possible.

If you have secured your roses, time to think about how to present them.  You can have them delivered to her at work, which has its benefits.  Her coworkers will take note of the arrangement, and she will be pleased to know you think enough of her to make a public statement.  The downside is that if you don’t get her a large arrangement, she may end up with the smallest bouquet in the office.  She might get upset that other men spent more on their significant others than you did.  Not all women think like this, of course.  Many will be pleased just to have flowers.

On the other hand, giving her roses in person allows you to see just how happy she is with them.  You have the option of presenting them to her with a flourish, and instead of a card, you can tell her how you feel.

How will you woo her with roses this Valentine’s?  Will you go with the classic dozen red roses, or will you be a little different and give her pink or purple roses?  If you don’t like that idea, you can give her a single red rose at dinner.  No matter how you do it, you know she’ll love it.

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The Rose: Valentine’s Flower

The rose has been associated with Valentine’s Day ever since the holiday began, it seems like. This is because they’ve always been associated with love and romance. Of course, you can send roses at any time of the year, but more roses are delivered on Valentine’s Day than on any other day of the year. You can’t go wrong with a dozen of these beautiful flowers.

Or can you? Most guys know there are different colors of roses, but few know that each color has its own meaning. Red roses mean love and romance, which is why they’re seen everywhere on Valentine’s. But what if she hates the color red? You’ve been told to make the day personal and go with things she likes. If her favorite color is yellow, you may be tempted to get her a dozen yellow roses. But did you know that yellow roses mean friendship and freedom? That’s probably not the message you want to send on Valentine’s Day!

Instead, how about light pink roses? They stand for happiness. Lilac or purple roses mean “love at first sight,” which is also a great message for Valentine’s Day. If you want to show you desire her, go with coral roses or orange ones, which also show enthusiasm. Just don’t give her black roses or dead ones—all that says is “our relationship is OVER!”

If you want to make it even more complicated, you can mix roses together. Different color combinations have different meanings:
• White and yellow stand for harmony.
• Red and white indicate a long, committed relationship
• Red and yellow show you’re happy and want to celebrate

The number of roses you give her also has meaning. A dozen traditionally say “I love you!” A single red rose can also say this, but it’s more cautious. Generally, you give a single red rose if you haven’t been dating very long or if it’s a first date. It says “I’m very interested in you, but we’re just starting out.”

Want to propose to her on Valentine’s Day? Start the date out by giving her two roses entwined.

Six roses show her you want to be hers.

Eleven roses says that she’s your cherished one and your soul mate.

Sending flowers to someone anonymously? Thirteen roses isn’t bad luck—it means you’re her secret admirer.

Two dozen roses mean you can’t stop thinking about her (24 roses, 24 hours in the day you think of her).

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