Romance Takes Times. And Planning Ahead

Romance isn’t always spontaneous, despite how it might seem in romance movies.  In real life, you have to make plans to make romance happen.  It’s not that difficult (unless you want a crowd singing and dancing to your loved ones like in a musical), but it takes work and planning.  Here are a few things you should plan ahead.  This is especially true for days like Valentine’s.

•    Make reservations at the restaurant.  You don’t want to arrive only to find that your favorite restaurant has a wait of a few hours.  This is especially important on Friday and Saturday evening and on holidays.

•    Order your flowers early.  Roses may sell out for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.  Poinsettias become harder to find the closer it gets to Christmas.  Remember, even the best-stocked florist doesn’t have an infinite supply of flowers.

•    Make sure you both know the overall plan for the date.  She needs to know where to meet you or what time you’re picking her up.  She also needs to know what to wear.  If you’re going someplace formal, don’t assume she will be dressed up unless you tell her to.

•    Don’t wait until the last minute to get tickets to that event you want to go to.  It may be sold out.

•    If you think the date may end at your place, be sure to clean up beforehand.  Nothing kills the mood faster than walking into a dump that smells like last week’s laundry.

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Show Her How Much You Love Her

This Valentine’s Day, don’t just tell her how much you love her.  Show her.  Actions have always spoken louder than words, even though words are quite important.  Tell her you love her, certainly, but back it up with romantic actions to show her you truly mean it.

How do you show her you love her?  There are a number of different things you can do.  Here are just a few ways of showing your love on Valentine’s Day.

•    Don’t go to just any restaurant, go to one that has a special meaning to the two of you.  Maybe it was the site of your first date, or maybe it was where you proposed.

•    Give her a bouquet of her favorite flowers.

•    Take her out somewhere special, like to see her favorite artist in concert or to an event she’s been wanting to attend.

•    Get her jewelry.  A beautiful pair of earrings, a necklace, or a bracelet is a great gift idea.

•    Be a gentleman.  While it’s not an expensive bracelet, it does show her that you love and respect her.  Open the car door, pull out her chair, and tell her she looks beautiful.  These little acts show just as much love as the big ones do.

•    Another little action that will show her how much you love her is to be on time.  Have a plan for the evening, including reservation times, any directions you need, and the tickets to any event.

This Valentine’s Day, show her you love her by making it a date you’ll both remember!

Summer Love – Keep It Burning!

Summer seems to be a great time to start a new romance. If you’ve discovered love this summer, you may be afraid that it will fade as the temperature drops off. However, there are many ways to keep your summer love burning. Here are a few things to keep in mind when your summer romance seems to start to cool.

Talk to each other. No summer romance can survive a lack of communication. It doesn’t matter how you keep the lines of communication open, just do. If you don’t get the chance to see each other that often, then resort to alternative methods. Call, email, text, leave notes for each other…whatever it takes. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to be in constant contact with each other—a little space is good, too.

Make time for each other. In today’s busy world, it can be hard to make time to be together. But if you want to keep your summer love going, it’s important to make time. Sure, phone calls and emails are great, but they are no substitute for being together. If necessary, set aside a few days a month as your special date time. Don’t let anything be scheduled on those days. If you want your romance to succeed, you’ve got to commit to it.

Learn the little details about your significant other. What music does he/she like? Food? TV shows? Many summer romances start out as just surface relationships—they’re physical, but often you don’t really get into the little things. Learn about each other and then put that knowledge to use.

These are just three little things you should do to keep your summer love going. If you put a little effort into it and that spark is there, you won’t have any trouble keeping your relationship going.

Ways to Make Your Relationship Grow

When we start a new relationship, be it romantic or platonic, we always go into with the idea that the relationship will grow. After all, we don’t want our relationships to be stuck in that first, somewhat awkward stage where we are getting to know each other. So how can you make your relationship with others grow? Here are a few ideas.

Listen to each other. It may seem like something that needs no repeating, but listening to each other is one of the fundamentals of establishing and cultivating a relationship. You have to really pay attention to what the other person is saying and respond to them. This interaction is the cornerstone of any relationship.

Compromise. You can’t always get your way. Between friends, the compromises are usually small, like letting the other person decide where you go out to eat. Between significant others, it might be something bigger like each of you giving up a vice or learning to do housework.

Every now and then, show them you care. Send flowers, give them a little gift, or just compliment them. Everyone likes to be reminded that they matter to another person, and just a little thing like buying someone lunch or bringing them a breakfast snack can go a long way.

Be kind. This is the best way to really make a relationship grow. Simply help out when someone needs a hand. You don’t always have to buy someone something. Often, just giving of your time (something that has become a very precious resource) is enough.