Ways of Showing You Care

There are many different ways of showing how much you care about someone.  Saying how much you care is one thing, but words can also be empty.  Backing up your words with actions, however, shows that you are willing to put your money, time, and resources where your mouth is.

Showing you care, however, doesn’t necessarily mean buying gifts.  Here are some quick and easy ways to show anyone you care about them.  They apply to showing your feelings to your friends, co-workers, spouse, and children.

Spend time with them.  For some, especially the elderly, just sitting and talking is a great gift.  Giving up a few hours of your time, especially in today’s busy world, is often all it takes to show someone you care.

Help them when asked and even when you aren’t asked.  If you know someone is struggling with something, lend a hand.  This can mean taking on a little extra work so a co-worker can handle a major project, or it can mean helping your sister move her heavy furniture into an apartment on the third floor.  Whatever it is, if you know someone is going to need help, step up and offer it before you’re asked.  They will greatly appreciate it and be touched by your gesture.

Support someone in their time of grief.  Losing a loved one, especially a spouse or parent, can be devastating.  If you know someone going through any type of loss (not necessarily the loss of a person, even), help give them the time they need to deal with this loss.  This can mean doing things like mowing their yard or cooking them dinner, or it might mean babysitting or even just listening to them talk about their loss.

Be there during the good times as well as the bad.  This is the best way of showing someone you care about them.  Certainly help them when they need it, but also be there to have fun with them.  For many people, just having someone around to laugh with is a true gift.

Ways to Make Your Relationship Grow

When we start a new relationship, be it romantic or platonic, we always go into with the idea that the relationship will grow. After all, we don’t want our relationships to be stuck in that first, somewhat awkward stage where we are getting to know each other. So how can you make your relationship with others grow? Here are a few ideas.

Listen to each other. It may seem like something that needs no repeating, but listening to each other is one of the fundamentals of establishing and cultivating a relationship. You have to really pay attention to what the other person is saying and respond to them. This interaction is the cornerstone of any relationship.

Compromise. You can’t always get your way. Between friends, the compromises are usually small, like letting the other person decide where you go out to eat. Between significant others, it might be something bigger like each of you giving up a vice or learning to do housework.

Every now and then, show them you care. Send flowers, give them a little gift, or just compliment them. Everyone likes to be reminded that they matter to another person, and just a little thing like buying someone lunch or bringing them a breakfast snack can go a long way.

Be kind. This is the best way to really make a relationship grow. Simply help out when someone needs a hand. You don’t always have to buy someone something. Often, just giving of your time (something that has become a very precious resource) is enough.