Don’t Stress Over Summer Parties

Having a summer party can be a ton of fun.  You can grill hamburgers, sit outdoors and enjoy the nice day, and play different outdoor games.  But like with all parties, there’s a little bit of stress that comes with hosting a summer party.

Problem: even though you’ll be outdoors, you still want your home to look beautiful.  That means the week before the party, you’ll be cleaning.  It can be a little worse in the summer because if you have kids, they will be going in and out playing in the yard.  They might track in dirt and mud.  Your pets, also, may bring in mud.  Plus pets may still be shedding their winter fur, so you’ve got that to contend with as well.

Solution: plan two sweeping/vacuuming times.  The first, a few days before the party, is the deep clean.  The second, the day of, is a quick hit of the areas most trafficked.  You won’t need to re-clean your guest room, for example, but you’ll probably want to do a quick sweep of the entry, the kitchen, the main bathroom…any area you expect people will be in.

Problem: since you’ll be outdoors, you want your yard to look awesome!  This means you’ll want to mow, rake up the grass, trim your flowers, weed…the list seems to go on and on.

Solution: if you’ve got the money, you might want to splurge and hire a professional yard person just for this event.  Otherwise, be sure to set aside an afternoon or more to do all of your yard work, especially if you have a large yard.  Don’t forget to wash off your outdoor furniture and patio.

Problem: the day of the party arrives, and it’s pouring down rain!

Solution: there’s no way to control the weather.  All you can do is shrug and move your party indoors.  Yes, it’s disappointing, but there’s nothing else you can do.  Your only option here is to check the weather forecast and do your best to pick a date that’s supposed to be clear.  If the day comes and it’s raining or too windy or too hot to be outdoors, just accept that some things are beyond your control and try to have fun anyway.  Have a backup plan if you were planning to cook out, too.

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Outdoor Entertaining

Spring is the perfect time to move those dinner parties outdoors!   The main focus of any outdoor dinner party is going to be the setting, so you’ll want to think ahead and really plan.  If you’re eating a full meal outdoors, your table should be set just as you’d set it inside.  Because it is outdoors, you don’t have to use fine china or use an expensive table cloth, but you should think about a centerpiece and other decorations.

There are a lot of different options for outdoor dining.  For example, if you have a nice picnic or other type of outdoor table, you may elect not to use any tablecloth at all.  If you’re having a cookout, paper plates, plastic silverware, and paper cups may be more appropriate than good dishes.  Even if you do use dishes and silverware, you don’t have to use your best bowls or serving platters as you would inside.

As far as decorations go, a lot of people use the natural beauty of their flowers and gardens.  You can always move some of your potted plants and flowers up closer to the table, and a few small potted flowers can make great centerpieces.

Likewise, hanging paper lanterns over the table and then lighting scented candles can make a nice addition to natural lighting.  Avoid turning on the harsh outdoor lights if you can.  Another option is to string some Christmas lights in your trees, bushes, and even on your house.  These small lights can actually put off a good amount of illumination.  Candles, too, put off a lot of light and have a secondary use: scented candles can help drive away bugs and mosquitoes so you can dine in peace.  Be sure you do consider pests when planning your party.

Dining outdoors is often seen as more informal than dining indoors, especially if you’re serving food off the grill.  Just because it’s informal, however, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t put some work into setting the perfect table.  Just take a few minutes to think of how best to make use of your outdoor setting.

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