Decorating for Fall

It’s almost October, and that means fall is now in full swing! If you haven’t done any fall decorating yet, now is the time to put away those summer decorations and bring out the autumn colors. Here are a few ways of decorating your home for this cooler season.

Change up your throw pillows, blankets, and sheets. Many people like to use light fabrics in the spring and summer, but you can do with darker tones for fall and winter. Browns and reds are especially popular. Many summer throw blankets are lightweight and just for decorative purposes, but ones for the fall are usually heavier and may actually be used.

Put out candles with fall scents to them, such as pumpkin and apple.

Put a wreath on your door that makes use of fall flowers (orange, yellow, and red ones).

Create a great table centerpiece using fall fruits and vegetables (pumpkins, squash, etc.), leaves, branches, dried corn, pine cones, and fall flowers.

Don’t forget to do a little fall decorating outdoors, too. One easy change besides the fall wreath on your front door is a fall welcome mat.

Great Fall Flower Arrangements

Back Up your Apology with Actions

You’ve done something wrong, but you understand you’ve hurt someone and you’re ready to apologize. Great! However, sometimes a simple “I’m sorry” just isn’t enough. While you might be completely sincere and truly want to make amends, words don’t always do it. If you feel like this is one of those times, back up your apology with actions. This will help stress your contriteness and convince the hurt party that you truly do feel sorry.

What type of actions should you take? There are several. The first action is obviously showing up in person to give your apology. While this might not always be possible (a long-distance phone fight with a sibling, for example, may have to be settled over the phone), the best way of saying your sorry is to do it in person. Don’t send email, a text, or call unless it’s the only way you can get the person to listen to you. Otherwise, it may seem insincere. This is especially true with email and texting since it’s very hard to convey emotion through these media.

Showing up with a gift or two is another good way of backing up your apology. Chocolates, flowers, a stuffed animal or two…all of these are good, smart ways of saying you’re sorry. If it was a serious fight between spouses or long-term partners, jewelry may even be appropriate. The more personal the gift, the better. Just don’t buy something cheap looking.

Finally, you can say you’re sorry with dinner. A fancy restaurant is a good plan, but you can also cook dinner as an apology. Tickets to an event you both enjoy might also be a good option for an apology date. Again, make it personal and make it sincere. Otherwise, you might find yourself in more trouble than you started in!

The Perfect Gift for All Occasions

Need a great gift for any occasion? Well, there are a few. If you don’t mind looking impersonal, you can go with a gift card. But what does a small piece of plastic really say about you? Not a lot. However, there is a great all-occasion gift that speaks volumes: flowers!

Why are flowers such a great gift? They’re very personal, for one thing. You can select the colors that the recipient loves, send them their favorite flowers, and pick out a vase that fits their personality. While there are many pre-designed arrangements that are absolutely stunning, you can work with a florist to customize these, or even have them create an arrangement from scratch. How much more personal can you get?

One concern why buying gifts is worrying if the person already has it. That’s not an issue with flowers. Even if the recipient gets two or three bouquets as birthday gifts, chances are they will be different. Even if they use the same flowers, it still doesn’t matter too much. You just can’t have too many flowers!

Flowers are great for any age. Girls like flowers just as much as grandmothers. There’s no birthday that can’t be celebrated with a bouquet of flowers. In fact, some girls and teens really love getting flowers as a gift.

Flowers can be a good gift for men and women. While it’s true that flowers aren’t the first thing that comes to mind for a man’s gift, some are quite appropriate. Flowering green plants, for example, are good gifts for men with offices that could use a little bit of color.

Next time you’re having difficulty picking out the perfect gift for a birthday, a holiday, or any occasion, go with flowers. They’re simply perfect for any and all events.

Labor Day Cookout Ideas

Many people like to celebrate Labor Day by having a cookout. But if you’ve done this year after year, you might be looking for some new cookout ideas. Here are a few different ideas, both traditional and a bit different.


hot dogs, hamburgers, steak


Ribs, chicken wings

For the non-beef eaters:

Grilled chicken breast, grilled fish


Grilled corn, Sesame parmesan zucchini, baked beans, grilled squash

Non-grilled sides:

Fresh salad, breadsticks, potato salad, coleslaw


Ice cream, ice cream pie, fresh watermelon, lemon bars, Rice Krispy treats

Off the grill and into the crockpot:

Sweet crockpot ribs, beans, crockpot potatoes, cheese dip

What kinds of food do you usually make for Labor Day? Leave us some ideas in the comments below!

Decorating for Summer

Summer is here! Have you made any thought to decorating your home for summer? Some people don’t really redecorate for do anything special for summer, but you don’t have to do much to add a little summer flair to your home.

Fresh summer flowers, of course, make a perfect addition to your summer home. Just order an arrangement from your local florist or, if you raise your own flowers, cut a few and place them in a nice vase. Put the bouquet on the dining room table or in another prominent place.

Add some light colored pillows, sheets, and other accessories to your bed. Summer is a time of light, airy décor, so put away your darker colored bedspread and go with something with a summer print. You can do the same thing with your dining room table’s tablecloth and place mats.

Some people put out a new welcome mat in front of their front door during the summer. Pick something with a fun summer picture or design on it.

If you want to change up some of your wall décor, hang up some floral prints, outdoor images, and other pictures with bright colors. Most people decorate with lighter colors or even pastels in the summer and use the darker, bold colors for winter.

To change up your living room, put out some new throw pillows and maybe switch up the items on your coffee table, if you have one. Put out some coasters that feature floral images or change out any candles you have decorating your living room.

Overall, to get a nice summer feel to your home, go with bright summer colors. Change things like pillows, small decorative items, and add some flowers to make your home seem more alive and bright.

Mother’s Day in Houston

Do you have your plans made for Mother’s Day? This important event is May 8th, which isn’t very far away! If you don’t have plans made yet, maybe some of these Mother’s Day events in Houston will be perfect for you and your mom.

If you’re looking for a place to eat, here are some restaurants having Mother’s Day specials:
• Backstreet Café – 3 courses for $42 and live music
• 17 Restaurant at the Alden – 3 courses for $55
• Bistro des Amis – 3 courses for $34
• The Houstonian – buffet with champagne and mimosas
• Mo’s Steaks – buffet including made to order omelets and beef tenderloin

The Children’s Museum of Houston is having a Mommy’s Day Bash. Moms get free admission. Lisa Harris will perform original songs and read from her books celebrating moms. Kids can make mom a bouquet of flowers made from found objects at the Junktion activity area.

If your mom likes to laugh, take her to ComedySportz. They are doing a special Mother’s Day show of improve comedy. Two teams compete for the loudest laughter. The jokes are all family-friendly, and there is some audience participation, too. Tickets are $16, but moms get in free Mother’s Day weekend.

The Downtown Aquarium offers moms a Sunday brunch with more than 40 items on the menu and half off an All Day Adventure Pass.

The Houston International Festival is a 10 day arts and cultural festival that will be held over Mother’s Day weekend. Life music and more make up this great event.

Star Fleet yachts will have a special Star Fleet Mother’s Day Cruise on Galveston Bay. This two hour cruise includes a champagne brunch, lunch, or dinner, live music, a cash bar, and dancing.

Join the Highlights of Houston Ballet on Mother’s Day for their special tribute to moms. The performance will be held at the Miller Outdoor Theater from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm. Tickets are free, but you must order tickets ahead of time.

Finally, Opera Laggera will perform “There Ain’t Nothin’ Like a Dame,” a collection of music honoring mothers. The show will be held on May 6 at 7:30 pm and on May 7 at 7:00 pm.

No matter what you do with your mom on her special day, be sure to send her a beautiful bouquet of flowers from our amazing selection of arrangements made just for mothers.

Live in Houston? It’s a Happy Place!

Do you live in Houston? If you do, you know what a happy place it is. In fact, Kiplinger magazine has listed Houston as one of its Best Cities to Live, Work, and Play. The city didn’t just make it to their top ten places to live, it ranked number one! Kiplinger worked with the research director of the Martin Prosperity Institute to create the list using a formula that looks at past events in the city plus the type of people who live there. People in creative fields like writing, the arts, entertainment, engineers, scientists, and educators help create a vital, happy city. Houston is full of these people!

Think about all the things you do in Houston that make you happy. Maybe it’s going to a sporting event. Houston has a lot to offer for the sports enthusiast, including the Houston Rockets basketball team, a hockey team, a soccer team, and a number of different college teams. No matter what season, you’re sure to find some sports events going on.

Shopping is also something that makes people happy, and there are many different shopping opportunities in Houston. There are some large malls if you’re they type who loves browsing through many different stores at once, or you can search out some of the smaller boutiques and shops that are spread throughout the city.

Houston has a good number of parks and recreational activities, too. Moody Gardens, The Reef water park, and the Kemah Boardwalk in nearby Kemah are all great day outings for a family. You can also relax in any of the parks around the city or play golf at Hermann Park.

These are just a few of the things that people love about Houston. When you take these attractions and combine them with the great people in the Houston area, it’s no wonder that the city is such a happy place.

Last Minute Thanksgiving Flowers

Turkey? Check! Cranberries? Yep. Pumpkin Pie? Ready to serve with whipped cream. So what’s left? Oh no! There are no Thanksgiving flowers to put on the table! If you need some last minute thanksgiving flowers, it’s not too late. While you probably don’t want to wait until the day before to go turkey shopping, if you forget your flowers, you might still be able to pick some up.

If you’re shopping for last minute Thanksgiving flowers, there are a few things to be aware of. First of all, your florist, no matter how good they are, may be out of your first choice. Popular arrangements tend to sell out quickly. Cornucopias and large arrangements may already be gone. However, this doesn’t mean your dinner is ruined. Many florists also have a number of smaller arrangements that they can make for Thanksgiving.

Even if your florist is out of some of their advertised arrangements, that doesn’t have to put a damper on your plans. Any good, creative florist can take what flowers they have in stock and create something completely beautiful and amazing. Just tell your florist what you’re looking for, and he or she will work magic. There are many different flowers that work for Thanksgiving, after all. Sunflowers, orange and dark red roses, yellow and orange gerberas, orange lilies, and many other flowers will fit nicely with your Thanksgiving décor. Greenery, acorns, pinecones, and even some gourds and pumpkins can be added if you feel like your arrangement needs a bit of fleshing out. Throw in a few candles, and you’re done!

It’s always advisable to order your Thanksgiving flowers in advance, of course, but even if you don’t, it’s OK. Just be sure to pick them up as soon as possible so you’ve got some options. As always, we have a great selection of Thanksgiving flowers. Browse them now on our website and place your order soon!