Little Things that Make Others Smile

Smiling makes us feel happier—studies have shown that this isn’t just old wives’ tale.  It’s actually true.  Something about curving our lips upward helps put us in a much better mood.  There are many different things that make people smile, some large and some small.  While these large things may not come along every day, there are plenty of little things that make people smile.  You can even help some of them along!

The easiest thing to do to make someone else smile is to smile at them.  Sharing a smile can cheer someone up.  It’s a simple act that can mean a lot to people, especially when they’re having a horrible day.

Another little thing you can do is wish someone a good morning or say hello.  Like a smile, it takes very little energy, but it can have a major effect on people.  If you’ve never wished someone a good morning, give it a shot and see just how happy it makes them.

Invite someone out to lunch.  If you know someone in your office who usually eats lunch alone, invite him or her to eat with you.  Even if you just have lunch in the break room, sharing your meal with someone can be a great way of putting a smile on their face.

One of the smallest yet largest thing you can do to make someone smile is simply be their friend.  Being a friend to someone isn’t a difficult thing, but it can mean the world to someone.  Plus, being a friend is a two-way street, and you’ll find yourself smiling, too.

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Show Someone You Care

You’ve heard the saying that actions speak louder than words, and this is often true.  However, it’s also true that actions themselves are, in a way, words or messages to others.  Showing someone you care is much more powerful than simply saying it.  Here are a few different ways you can show someone you care.

Flowers are a great way of saying “I care about you!” when words just aren’t enough.  They can say anything from “Your friendship is valuable to me” to “I love you.”  Giving someone a bouquet of flowers shows just how much you care about them.

A meal can also say that you care.  If you want to show a friend how much you appreciate something they’ve done, you might want to take them out to lunch.  Asking someone out to dinner shows that you may care about someone as more than a friend since dinner sometimes means romance.  The same may be true of asking someone to go for drinks or for coffee.  Sometimes, just sharing a meal is enough to let someone know that you care about them.

Other ways of showing you care include helping them out, inviting them to a day out, or just spending time with them.  You don’t have to go above and beyond to show someone you care.  Sometimes, in fact, it’s the small gestures that really mean a lot.

Of course, one of the best ways of showing someone you care is to give them a hug!  Hugs convey so much, and they’re always welcome.  Whether you’re comforting someone, saying hello or goodbye, or just want to be physically close to someone, a hug is a great way of showing your feelings.

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Top Five Reasons to Send Flowers

There are many different reasons to send someone flowers.  It might be their birthday, or it might be a special day and you want to give them a gift to commemorate the occasion.  No matter what, sending flowers is an excellent way of making someone’s day!  Here are the top five reasons you might want to send someone a lovely bouquet of flowers.

#5 – Celebrate someone’s victories!  Let people know that you’re proud of them and want to celebrate when they graduate, get a new job, complete a major project or win an award.  Celebrate others and they will, in turn, celebrate you.

#4 – Flowers are great gifts!  They don’t require batteries, they’re non-toxic, they’re biodegradable, you don’t need anything extra to enjoy them, and the recipient won’t find them years later and think, “wow, that was a useless gift I never touched!”

#3 – Send flowers to welcome people to the neighborhood, to an organization, or to your office.

#2 – Flowers can be sent to show your solidarity or offer condolences during bad times.  No other gift is quite as accepted during these sad events.

#1 – Just Because You Care!  You don’t really need a reason to send someone flowers!  Just send them!

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Little Ways to Make Someone Smile

There are a lot of little ways to make someone smile.  You don’t have to do a lot to make their lips curl, and when they do, you’ll know you’ve helped make their day a little brighter.  Here are a few little ways of making someone smile.

Tell someone they look nice.

Give someone a small gift of appreciation.  For example, if someone is so busy at work that they can’t get away for lunch, bring them a sandwich or a snack.

If you see someone struggling with carrying something, give them a hand, even if it’s just to hold the door.

Bring cookies or other dessert items to the office every now and then to make your co-workers smile.

Volunteer.  You’ll make other volunteers happy while also making those you help out smile.

Be positive.  Try to have an upbeat attitude and people will naturally smile when you’re around.

If you know there’s a chore your spouse doesn’t like doing, surprise him or her by doing it.  Or surprise them with dinner or tickets to their favorite movie/musician/event.

Smile at someone!  The best way to get a smile is to give one first.

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Little Ways of Making Today Special

Some people think that it takes something major to make a day incredibly special.  In reality, of course, it doesn’t.  There are a lot of small, little things you can do to make your day or someone else’s day special.  These little things don’t have to be expensive or anything major.  Just by smiling at someone, for example, you can make their day a little more special.

One thing you can do to make today special is to treat yourself to something.  For example, change up your lunch plans.  Instead of taking a salad to lunch like you usually do, go out.  Skip the fast food hamburger and go to a nice sit-down restaurant.  And the big one: treat yourself to dessert!  Have a piece of cake, a few cookies, or buy yourself a chocolate bar for an afternoon treat.  Start out the day with something special for breakfast, like a chocolate glazed donut.

Another little way of treating yourself is to wear your favorite outfit.  While your work dress code or uniform might make this a little difficult, do what you can.  You can get all dressed up if that makes you feel good, or you can wear your favorite outfit.

Another fun little way of making a day special is to watch your favorite movie or TV show.  This can be a fun treat if you never have time to watch TV.  You could also settle back and read or just relax and do nothing.  Do something you don’t usually get to enjoy.

Make someone else’s day special by smiling at them, saying good morning, or taking a little bit of time to chat with them and ask how their day was.  That’s all it really takes to make someone feel a little special.

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The History of Administrative Professionals Day

Administrative Professional’s Day, also known as Secretaries Day, is coming up.  This year, it’s on April 25th, the last Wednesday of the month.  On this day, we take the time to thank those who help keep our offices running: secretaries, administrative assistants, executive assistants, office managers, and the many others who fall under the administrative professional umbrella.

This will be the 60th anniversary of the day.  The International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) has set the theme for this year’s day as “Admins, the Pulse of the Office.”  The IAAP provides many different resources for administrative professionals.  They offer continuing education courses and seminars as well as tips for the beginning administrative professional.

The IAAP first held Administrative Professionals Week in 1952.  It was created by Harry F. Klemfuss, a publicist in New York.  He wanted to encourage more people to enter the administrative professional field.  Originally, it was called Secretaries Day.  Later, Secretaries Week was celebrated the first week of June.  In 1955, National Secretaries Week was moved to the last full week of April.  In 2000, the IAAP changed the name to Administrative Professionals Week/Day instead of Secretaries Week/Day because job titles and responsibilities had changed a lot over the years.  They also wanted to include people like executive assistants and office managers in the celebration.

Today, it’s estimated that there are more than 4.1 million administrative professionals in the U.S., and there’s another 8.9 million people in administrative support roles.  Almost every office has at least an administrative assistant or office manager.

Many employers celebrate Administrative Professionals Week by giving their administrative assistants flowers, vacation time, or by taking them out to lunch.  While these hard-working professionals should be thanked on a regular basis due to all the work they do year-round, it is especially important to remember to honor them during this week.  As mentioned, this category now includes many different positions and titles, so take a moment and be sure you include everyone who counts.  These are the people who make the office run smoothly, and they deserve some appreciation.

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Administrative Professionals Day is Coming!

Are you ready for Administrative Professionals Day?  It’s Wednesday, April 25 this year, and it’s the one day set aside to show your administrative professionals just how much you appreciate them.  The International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) has set the theme for this year’s day as “Admins, the Pulse of the Office.”  This will be the 60th anniversary of the day.

The IAAP first held Administrative Professionals Week in 1952.  Originally, Secretaries Day was celebrated as the last Wednesday of April.  Then it grew into Secretaries Week.  In 2000, the IAAP changed the name to Administrative Professionals Week/Day instead of Secretaries because job titles and responsibilities have changed.  They also wanted to include people like executive assistants and office managers in the celebration.

It’s estimated that there are more than 4.1 million administrative professionals working in the U.S. today, with another 8.9 million in administrative support roles.  That’s a huge number, and almost every office has at least an administrative assistant or office manager.  Don’t make the mistake of not showing them some appreciation this year.  There are a number of things you could do: take them to lunch, have an office party, get them a small gift, send them flowers, or give them a nice little cash bonus.

No matter what you do, be sure to acknowledge everyone who qualifies as an administrative professional.  As mentioned, this category now includes many different positions and titles, so take a moment and be sure you include everyone who counts.  These are the people who make the office run smoothly, and they deserve some appreciation.

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Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is this Saturday!  Do you have any plans?  While it started out as an Irish holiday, since its first celebration in the U.S. in 1737, St. Patrick’s Day has been changed around just a bit.  Today, it’s almost as much an American tradition as it is an Irish one.  Here are some ways we now celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

Have a beer.  It’s the traditional drink of St. Patrick’s Day!

Eat green tinted foods and beverages, or enjoy cabbage and corned beef, the traditional meal.

Go to a St. Patrick’s Day parade.

Attend a St. Patrick’s Day church event.

Hold your own party with green decorations and foods.

Watch one of the sports games held on the 17th.

Wear green.

Pinch those who don’t wear green!

Wear a shamrock on your lapel (the “wearing of the green”).

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All About the Tulip

Have you heard about the tulip?  This amazingly beautiful flower has a long and varied history.  Many people love to put bouquets of tulips on their tables and plant them in their flowerbeds to brighten things up.  But how many people really know where the tulip came from?

Originally, the tulip was a wild flower that grew in Asia.  The Turks were the first people to start cultivating it around 1000 AD.  They planted tulips in their palace gardens.  Later, in the 17th century, biologist Carolus Clusius brought tulips home with him, introducing the flower to Europe.  He named it “tulip” after the Turkish word for turban.

The tulip soon became popular with gardeners, especially in Holland.  The first bulbs sold for incredibly high prices, especially once botanists started to hybridize the flowers to create different colors.  These hybrids were so expensive that in some places they sold for more than a home in Amsterdam.  Eventually, of course, the growing availability of tulips drove the price down, but they remained incredibly popular among all people.

One very interesting fact was discovered in the 20th century.  The amazing flame colors and the frilly petals that made tulips so popular were actually caused by a virus!  These brilliant tulips were infected by the mosaic virus.  A healthy tulip is actually solid and monotone.  Today, diseased tulips are not sold.  Instead, the tulips most people grow are hybrid plants that have the amazing looks without the virus.

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Pros and Cons of Having a Feb. 29 Birthday

If you’re born on February 29, you’re one in four million—that’s how many people world-wide were born on leap day.  But are there any advantages to being born on this day?  Actually, there are a few.  Here’s a handy pro and con list for those with a Feb. 29 birthday.

Pro: you’re one in four million!  How cool is that?

Con: some websites won’t accept February 29 as a birth date, so you have to use the 28th or March 1.  Many government forms and age-restrictions (such as driving, voting, etc.) require you to use either the 28th or the 1st.

Pro: some restaurants do a little more for leap year birthdays than for regular birthdays.  You can get some free stuff just for having a rare birthday.

Con: you only get to celebrate your true birthday once every four years.

Pro: you can truthfully claim to be younger (much younger!) than your age since you only have a birthday once every four years.

Con: some people would like to celebrate a true birthday every year.  Others, especially kids, may get teased.

All in all, it really depends on how you approach your birthday.  Do you embrace the uniqueness of it all, or do you try to ignore it?  Like many things it life, it’s all in how you see it!

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