Change the Mood with Flowers

Feeling down? Maybe the winter weather has you depressed, or maybe it’s something else. Maybe you want to create a romantic atmosphere but just aren’t certain how. One easy way of changing the mood (of both yourself and your home) is by getting a nice arrangement of flowers.

Flowers can, as many people have pointed out before, change your mood from sad or depressed to happy. Just seeing flowers, being reminded of why they’re there (as in being reminded of who sent them to us), and smelling them can help change our moods. This is more than just superstition, too—scientists have done studies on the connection between people, flowers, and emotions.

However, flowers can change moods in other ways, too. Take a date, for example. Giving her a long stemmed red rose at the start of a date might change her mood from mildly interested to really interested. The reason rose petals are often shown being scattered on the bed in romantic movies is because roses help set a romantic mood.

Daisies can change the mood of anyone in a room by making it seem much brighter and cheerier. These and other bright flowers can change the mood and atmosphere of an entire room. Likewise, adding flowers to a guest bedroom can make it seem more inviting and welcoming to those who are staying overnight.

Next time you want to change the mood of a room or even of your entire house, don’t forget to involve flowers in your plans. They can work with colors and other decorations to greatly enhance the mood of any area.

Why Flowers Make You Happy

Flowers do a lot for us, but one of the most important things they do is make us happy. The effect flowers have on people has been well documented, and there have even been some scientific studies and surveys done on the effects of flowers. Why do flowers make us happy, though? Well, there are several reasons.

One thing is their bright color. Bright flowers can really bring a splash of color into just about any room. If your office seems drab and dark, just bring in some bright flowers and you’ll find yourself happier than ever. Need to make your guest room a little more cheerful for your parents? Put a bouquet of daisies on the nightstand.

The scent of flowers can also make us happy. Even though flowers may not function as well as potpourri or air fresheners when it comes to removing bad smells from the air, they do a great job of bringing just a hint of scent to rooms. Of course, putting your face to them makes your nose explode with fragrance.

Another way flowers make us happy is by reminding us of the person who gave them to us. Just seeing that bright, cheery bouquet of flowers on the desk or kitchen table makes us think of the one who sent them. Stimulating our memory is perhaps the way flowers make us happiest. It’s always nice to know that someone is thinking of us, and seeing flowers someone sent us is a great reminder of this.