Spruce Up the Front Door for Christmas

The Christmas tree is often the center of your holiday party, and when it’s not, your dinner table and the amazing food you’ve prepared is.  But before your guests see your tree, your table centerpiece, the stockings you’ve hung with care, they see your front door.  One way to make a great impression is to put a beautiful holiday wreath on your front door.

You have several options for this wreath.  If you’ve already got one, you can reuse it.  However, wreaths tend to start to look their age after going in and out of storage for several years.  You may want to spruce it up a little by gluing or otherwise adding a few new elements.  You can add pine cones, silk flowers, feathers, small birds, and just about anything else that relates to the holiday season.

If, on the other hand, you don’t have a wreath or want a new one, you have two options: buy one or make one yourself.  Buying one is the easiest option, and you’ll find some amazing wreaths out there.  If you’re more into making a wreath, you’ll need to find a basic wreath to start with.  Then add whatever decorations you want to it.

You may not even want a wreath on your front door.  You could put a large red bow on your door, for example, or hang sturdy ornaments on it.  No matter what you do, adding decoration to your front door is a great way of welcoming your guests.

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Deck the Halls and Everything Else

It’s time to deck the halls with boughs of holly!  Have you started setting up your Christmas decorations yet?  If not, now’s the time.  Here are a few things you might want to think about before you start decorating:

•    Do you want a live tree?  If so, start shopping for one soon before all the good ones are taken.
•    Are you buying new ornaments?  Some, like yearly ornaments, have been available for a few months now.  Some of the most popular ones may already been sold out.
•    Are you going with a theme this year?  If so, do you know what it is?
•    Where are you putting your Christmas tree?  This often determines the overall way your decorations go.
•    Are you putting up an outdoor display?  If so, that will take a lot more time.  You may also need help if you’re getting up on the roof.
•    Are you going to make ornaments?  Making ornaments can be a great family event, especially if you have children.  Gather the supplies now and start working on them.
•    Are you hosting any holiday events?  If so, this sets a deadline for your decorating to be finished.

Once you’re ready to start decorating, do so with a plan.  Don’t just pick a box of decorations and start throwing them here and there.  Put up the tree, then do the lights.  Finally add ornaments.  If you have items that always go in the same place, like a nativity scene for your mantle, go ahead and put them out, too.  Then start filling in with your other items.  In the end, you’ll have a cohesive theme and a beautifully decorated home!



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Gearing Up For The Holidays

It’s almost December!  You know what that means—time for the holidays!  Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Year’s…it’s a busy time for everyone.  There are gifts to buy, family dinners to prepare, and out-of-town relatives and friends to visit with.  So have you started gearing up for the holidays?  Here are a few things to have on your to-do list.

Make your shopping lists.  Who do you need to buy gifts for?  What’s your budget?  What are you going to buy?

Make sure you have current addresses for everyone you’re going to send a holiday card to.

Start talking with your friends and family to set dates for your holiday get-togethers.  People usually have a number of gatherings to attend during the holiday season, so it’s best to set dates as soon as possible because the calendar will be filling up quickly.

If you’re hosting a family dinner, get your guest list in order and begin thinking about a menu.  If your guests are going to bring a dish, it’s best to get it all sorted out sooner rather than later so everyone knows what to bring.

If, on the other hand, you’re travelling out of town to visit family over the holidays, get your travel plans in order.  Airlines and hotels fill up very quickly this time of year, so the sooner you make your reservations, the better.  It’s also very helpful to get in your time off requests because many of your co-workers may also be want time off.

One last part of gearing up for the holidays—decorating!  According to some of the stores, it’s never too early to decorate for the holidays.  Some places had decorations up a few months ago!  So pull out your Christmas tree, get out your menorahs, and deck the halls!