Celebrate Memorial Day Outdoors

This weekend is Memorial Day Weekend!  Many families celebrate the weekend with a traditional event.   For some, this means celebrating outdoors!  Whether it’s just a barbeque in the backyard or an out-of-town trip, there are many ways to enjoy this gorgeous weather.  Here are a few ways of celebrating Memorial Day outdoors.

Since Memorial Day is often seen as the start of summer vacation time, a lot of people take short weekend trips.  They go camping, have family gatherings, or visit the lake.

Others host cook-outs in their own yards.  They might have their family and friends over, or they might host a neighborhood party for everyone on their block.

Some people may spend the weekend outdoors playing sports.  Golf fans may attend the Memorial Tournament, a golf event that is usually held on or around Memorial Day, while racing fans might be in the outdoor seats at the Indianapolis 500.

What does your family do for Memorial Day?  Do you spend time outdoors, or do you stay inside in the air conditioning?

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