Thanksgiving Traditions to Start

Does your family have any Thanksgiving traditions?  If not, you should start one this year?  A tradition doesn’t have to be old—whatever you usually do on Thanksgiving might count as a tradition if you do it the same way each year.  But if you’re looking to start something a little different for Thanksgiving and you’re up for experimenting, here’s a different kind of idea:

How does this work?  Each year, every person selects a new recipe that they’ve never tried before to make for dinner.  Everyone gets to try cooking something new, and everyone gets to eat new foods.  You also don’t have to worry about people not liking a dish.  No one knows what it will taste like, and since it’s the first time anyone has prepared these dishes, no one should feel badly if they don’t turn out right.

Want to spruce up your Thanksgiving dinner table?  You might have some traditional decorations that you always use, or you might let your kids create turkeys out of pine cones.  But be sure to have some great flowers there, too.  Let us deliver some beautiful Thanksgiving flowers to you in Houston, TX!

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