Fall Flower Colors Make a Great Decorating Palette

Now that summer has officially ended and fall is here, it’s time to change up your décor a bit.  The fun fall colors and flowers can make quite an impression.  Fall colors are pretty easy to guess: red, yellow, brown, and orange, of course.  The colors of falling leaves abound during the autumn months!  Because these colors are usually very strong, you do need to be careful not to overdo it.  Too much can make a room look dark, so if the walls and flooring of your room already make it darker than you’d like, only use a few autumn-colored items for accent.

Where can you add fall colors?  Here are some ideas:

•    Tablecloth, table runner, place mats, and napkin rings
•    Candles
•    Gourds
•    Pumpkins, especially small ones
•    Pine cones
•    Scarecrows
•    Throw pillows
•    Blankets and wraps to put on your sofa
•    Leaves, branches, and twigs
•    Fall wreaths using many of the above items

You’ll also want to take a look as some fall flowers when working on your new décor.  They’re beautiful, and since some people tend to think of flowers as spring and summer décor, your guests may not expect to see bright blooms on your table in the autumn.  There are a number of different flowers that bloom in the fall.  Here are some you might want to add to your décor:

•    Orange roses
•    White daisies
•    Chrysanthemums
•    Copper canyon daisies
•    Marigold
•    Mountain Sage
•    Caryopteris
•    Sunflowers
•    Carnations

We can help add some flowers to your new décor!  We have some amazing fall flowers in Houston, TX.

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