Have a Summer Vacation at Home

Are you thinking about taking a summer vacation but don’t really want to put in the time, money, and energy it takes to actually go out of town and do something?  Well, stay-cations, or vacations one spends at home, have become more popular in recent years.  You can take off a week of work and just relax at home!  If you want to take a stay-cation, here are a few ideas.

Some people just take a week off and do absolutely nothing!  They watch TV, go out to lunch and a movie, catch up on magazines or books…basically, they rest and relax.  On the other hand, some people spend this vacation catching up on chores and things they’ve been meaning to do but just haven’t had the time for, like going some home repairs or projects.  It is a vacation?  Some would say no, but others love doing this type of stuff, and for them, it’s a lot of fun.

Don’t want to take a whole week off?  You could take a few days off at the end of the week so you can have an extended weekend.  Some people might use this time to take a mini-vacation, while others just like to stay at home.  If you have family nearby, you could go visit them.  You could also go to your local zoo, spend some time at a museum checking out the new exhibits, or returning to a local attraction you haven’t visited recently.


Summer Fun in Houston, TX

Summer is almost over, but there are still a few more weeks to have a little fun.  In fact, there’s still a lot to do in Houston in August.  Here are just a few events and things to do.

Visit Moody Gardens.  There’s always something to do at the beautiful gardens.  Currently, there’s a special exhibit running called “Dinos Alive!” that runs through August 11.  If your kids love dinosaurs, they’ll love this exhibit.

For museum lovers, how about visiting the Contemporary Arts Museum of Houston or the Houston Museum of Natural Science?  Both feature some very interesting permanent and visiting exhibits, and admission is fairly cheap.  There are even some exhibits that children will find interesting.

Of course, for a day outdoors with the kids, nothing beats the Houston Zoo.  There are many different animals featured at the zoo.  One of the cool exhibits at the zoo this summer, however, features a different type of animal: ones made out of Lego bricks.  The Animals Assembled exhibit features huge animals created by certified Lego Master Builders.  The Lego creatures will be at the zoo through Labor Day.

After you visit the past at the zoo, you can blast off to the future at the Space Center Houston.  Family members of all ages will enjoy the usual space center activities, but fans of the original Star Trek series will want to visit the center to check out the Shuttlecraft Galileo set piece.  featured in several episodes of the series, the set piece and props have been restored by Star Trek fans and will be available for viewing following its unveiling on July 31.

No matter what you choose to do, make the most out of these last few weeks of summer.  If nothing else, at least head outdoors and take a walk around the local park or even your neighborhood.  Enjoy the sunshine!

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Celebrate Memorial Day Outdoors

This weekend is Memorial Day Weekend!  Many families celebrate the weekend with a traditional event.   For some, this means celebrating outdoors!  Whether it’s just a barbeque in the backyard or an out-of-town trip, there are many ways to enjoy this gorgeous weather.  Here are a few ways of celebrating Memorial Day outdoors.

Since Memorial Day is often seen as the start of summer vacation time, a lot of people take short weekend trips.  They go camping, have family gatherings, or visit the lake.

Others host cook-outs in their own yards.  They might have their family and friends over, or they might host a neighborhood party for everyone on their block.

Some people may spend the weekend outdoors playing sports.  Golf fans may attend the Memorial Tournament, a golf event that is usually held on or around Memorial Day, while racing fans might be in the outdoor seats at the Indianapolis 500.

What does your family do for Memorial Day?  Do you spend time outdoors, or do you stay inside in the air conditioning?

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Don’t Stress Over Summer Parties

Having a summer party can be a ton of fun.  You can grill hamburgers, sit outdoors and enjoy the nice day, and play different outdoor games.  But like with all parties, there’s a little bit of stress that comes with hosting a summer party.

Problem: even though you’ll be outdoors, you still want your home to look beautiful.  That means the week before the party, you’ll be cleaning.  It can be a little worse in the summer because if you have kids, they will be going in and out playing in the yard.  They might track in dirt and mud.  Your pets, also, may bring in mud.  Plus pets may still be shedding their winter fur, so you’ve got that to contend with as well.

Solution: plan two sweeping/vacuuming times.  The first, a few days before the party, is the deep clean.  The second, the day of, is a quick hit of the areas most trafficked.  You won’t need to re-clean your guest room, for example, but you’ll probably want to do a quick sweep of the entry, the kitchen, the main bathroom…any area you expect people will be in.

Problem: since you’ll be outdoors, you want your yard to look awesome!  This means you’ll want to mow, rake up the grass, trim your flowers, weed…the list seems to go on and on.

Solution: if you’ve got the money, you might want to splurge and hire a professional yard person just for this event.  Otherwise, be sure to set aside an afternoon or more to do all of your yard work, especially if you have a large yard.  Don’t forget to wash off your outdoor furniture and patio.

Problem: the day of the party arrives, and it’s pouring down rain!

Solution: there’s no way to control the weather.  All you can do is shrug and move your party indoors.  Yes, it’s disappointing, but there’s nothing else you can do.  Your only option here is to check the weather forecast and do your best to pick a date that’s supposed to be clear.  If the day comes and it’s raining or too windy or too hot to be outdoors, just accept that some things are beyond your control and try to have fun anyway.  Have a backup plan if you were planning to cook out, too.

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Outdoor Entertaining

Spring is the perfect time to move those dinner parties outdoors!   The main focus of any outdoor dinner party is going to be the setting, so you’ll want to think ahead and really plan.  If you’re eating a full meal outdoors, your table should be set just as you’d set it inside.  Because it is outdoors, you don’t have to use fine china or use an expensive table cloth, but you should think about a centerpiece and other decorations.

There are a lot of different options for outdoor dining.  For example, if you have a nice picnic or other type of outdoor table, you may elect not to use any tablecloth at all.  If you’re having a cookout, paper plates, plastic silverware, and paper cups may be more appropriate than good dishes.  Even if you do use dishes and silverware, you don’t have to use your best bowls or serving platters as you would inside.

As far as decorations go, a lot of people use the natural beauty of their flowers and gardens.  You can always move some of your potted plants and flowers up closer to the table, and a few small potted flowers can make great centerpieces.

Likewise, hanging paper lanterns over the table and then lighting scented candles can make a nice addition to natural lighting.  Avoid turning on the harsh outdoor lights if you can.  Another option is to string some Christmas lights in your trees, bushes, and even on your house.  These small lights can actually put off a good amount of illumination.  Candles, too, put off a lot of light and have a secondary use: scented candles can help drive away bugs and mosquitoes so you can dine in peace.  Be sure you do consider pests when planning your party.

Dining outdoors is often seen as more informal than dining indoors, especially if you’re serving food off the grill.  Just because it’s informal, however, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t put some work into setting the perfect table.  Just take a few minutes to think of how best to make use of your outdoor setting.

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Wrapping Up the Summer

With the end of August coming in just a few days, it looks like summer is wrapping up. September usually (and, in some cases, hopefully) brings with it cooler weather, and people start reaching for jackets. It’s time to put away the swimsuits, shorts, and other summer items. As we wrap up summer, it’s time to start thinking ahead to the fall.

As temperatures start to cool up, one of the first things you’ll want to do to wrap up the summer is put away your summer clothes. Some people move them to the back of the closet or fold them and put them in storage boxes. Either way, you’ll want to make room for your fall and winter clothes. You may need to wash or iron them, especially if they’ve been folded. You might also need to take a few things to the cleaners.

Some people change their décor each season. If you’re one of them, wrapping up the summer means putting away the summer decorations. This might mean changing the quilt on your bed to one that incorporates more brown, orange, red, and yellow (traditional fall colors) or putting a different welcome mat out. Other things you might change include decorative pillows, throws, wreaths, decorative candles, and decorative towels.

Another way of wrapping up the summer is to give the exterior of your home a change. Some chores that you need to do aren’t fun and don’t do much to change your home’s look, such as cleaning out the gutters. However, you can take the time to paint and patch up a few things, too.

The end of summer doesn’t have to mean the end of doing things outdoors, though. You can still get in a few picnics, continue walking or jogging outdoors, and take the kids to the park. In fact, the early fall is often the preferred time to do some outdoor events since it is cooler. If you haven’t been to the zoo this summer, for example, now may be the perfect time.

Spend the next few weeks wrapping up the summer and preparing for the fall. That way, when the cooler temperatures get here, you’ll be ready.

Summer Love – Keep It Burning!

Summer seems to be a great time to start a new romance. If you’ve discovered love this summer, you may be afraid that it will fade as the temperature drops off. However, there are many ways to keep your summer love burning. Here are a few things to keep in mind when your summer romance seems to start to cool.

Talk to each other. No summer romance can survive a lack of communication. It doesn’t matter how you keep the lines of communication open, just do. If you don’t get the chance to see each other that often, then resort to alternative methods. Call, email, text, leave notes for each other…whatever it takes. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to be in constant contact with each other—a little space is good, too.

Make time for each other. In today’s busy world, it can be hard to make time to be together. But if you want to keep your summer love going, it’s important to make time. Sure, phone calls and emails are great, but they are no substitute for being together. If necessary, set aside a few days a month as your special date time. Don’t let anything be scheduled on those days. If you want your romance to succeed, you’ve got to commit to it.

Learn the little details about your significant other. What music does he/she like? Food? TV shows? Many summer romances start out as just surface relationships—they’re physical, but often you don’t really get into the little things. Learn about each other and then put that knowledge to use.

These are just three little things you should do to keep your summer love going. If you put a little effort into it and that spark is there, you won’t have any trouble keeping your relationship going.

Summer Birthday Party Ideas

Do you have a birthday in the summer? Maybe your spouse, children, or friends do. If you’re in charge of planning a summer birthday, here are some great party ideas.

Have a cookout.

Have a picnic at a local park. This is especially great for kids’ parties.

Go play miniature golf.

Go to a water park or fun park.

Camp out, even if it’s just in your back yard.

If you have a pool, invite your friends and family over for a swim, or just hang out around the pool.

For a kid’s party, break out the sprinklers or other water toys. Kids love getting wet when it’s hot outside.

Instead of cake, get an ice cream cake or have an ice cream sundae bar. Snow cones can also be a fun dessert, especially if you have a small home snow cone maker. You can get different flavors of syrup and lets guests pick their favorite.

Above all, do something that keeps you and your guests out of the heat. While outdoor activities can be fun, don’t head outdoors if you’re seeing temperatures in the three digits.

Decorating for Summer

Summer is here! Have you made any thought to decorating your home for summer? Some people don’t really redecorate for do anything special for summer, but you don’t have to do much to add a little summer flair to your home.

Fresh summer flowers, of course, make a perfect addition to your summer home. Just order an arrangement from your local florist or, if you raise your own flowers, cut a few and place them in a nice vase. Put the bouquet on the dining room table or in another prominent place.

Add some light colored pillows, sheets, and other accessories to your bed. Summer is a time of light, airy décor, so put away your darker colored bedspread and go with something with a summer print. You can do the same thing with your dining room table’s tablecloth and place mats.

Some people put out a new welcome mat in front of their front door during the summer. Pick something with a fun summer picture or design on it.

If you want to change up some of your wall décor, hang up some floral prints, outdoor images, and other pictures with bright colors. Most people decorate with lighter colors or even pastels in the summer and use the darker, bold colors for winter.

To change up your living room, put out some new throw pillows and maybe switch up the items on your coffee table, if you have one. Put out some coasters that feature floral images or change out any candles you have decorating your living room.

Overall, to get a nice summer feel to your home, go with bright summer colors. Change things like pillows, small decorative items, and add some flowers to make your home seem more alive and bright.

Summers in Houston

Spending the summer in Houston? You may think that the summers in the city are going to be hot and humid. However, that’s not always the truth. Sometimes, the summer days do get hot, of course, but there are some days when the breeze comes in and the days are actually very comfortable. Traveling around downtown is going to seem warmer—the many concrete surfaces hold in the heat. However, in the parks that can be found throughout Houston, the temperature is a little better since the ground and the many fountains will help cool things down.

Another thing about summers in Houston is that it usually rains or at least showers fairly often. This does raise the humidity, but it also helps to cool things down. The humidity can get pretty bad, of course, but overall, summers in Houston are hot but not unbearable. While those who are used to living in cooler areas may find the heat a bit more than they’re used to, Houston isn’t as bad as some other areas.