Elegant Thanksgiving Tabletops

There is an elegance to the Thanksgiving holiday that Thanksgiving Decorations warms our hearts, reminds us to be kinder to one another, and celebrates the beauty of fall. We often take our cues from nature when thinking about our Thanksgiving tabletops, mixing autumn botanicals with flowers in vibrant harvest hues.

This year, highlight the elegance of the holiday by talking to your local florist about creating Thanksgiving arrangements that combine seasonal classics, such as wheat stems and acorns, with white florals like roses and calla lilies to add sophistication and style to the tabletops in every room of your home.
Wheat Stems and Calla Lilies for the Foyer

Give your family and friends a festive welcome by going grand in the entryway or on a fireplace mantle by showcasing a tall centerpiece of wheat stems interspersed with long-stemmed white flowers such as calla lilies or gladiolas. Since this is a table or surface that is primarily for display, surround the vase with nuts in their shells and white pumpkins.

Pumpkins and Roses for the Dinner Table

For the dinner table, ask for a low arrangement so guests can easily chat across the table with an unobstructed view of each other. Given that the table will be abundant with food, consider a container that is a space-saver, such as a slender wooden wine box artistically filled with white roses and miniature pumpkins. Add a sense of whimsy to the arrangement with longer stems of mini calla lilies and pheasant feathers.

Round out the table design by placing an autumn leaf topped with a white rose on each guest’s plate. You can personalize each place-setting by writing each person’s name on the leaf using a gold metallic pen.

Thanksgiving Decorations

Look around your home and think about how you can echo the theme of your main holiday flower arrangements in other places, such as the living room coffee table or even white flowers in a miniature white pumpkin to freshen up the powder room.

Surround your guests and you in floral beauty and harvest bounty this Thanksgiving for a memorable holiday.

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Thanksgiving Traditions to Start

Does your family have any Thanksgiving traditions?  If not, you should start one this year?  A tradition doesn’t have to be old—whatever you usually do on Thanksgiving might count as a tradition if you do it the same way each year.  But if you’re looking to start something a little different for Thanksgiving and you’re up for experimenting, here’s a different kind of idea:

How does this work?  Each year, every person selects a new recipe that they’ve never tried before to make for dinner.  Everyone gets to try cooking something new, and everyone gets to eat new foods.  You also don’t have to worry about people not liking a dish.  No one knows what it will taste like, and since it’s the first time anyone has prepared these dishes, no one should feel badly if they don’t turn out right.

Want to spruce up your Thanksgiving dinner table?  You might have some traditional decorations that you always use, or you might let your kids create turkeys out of pine cones.  But be sure to have some great flowers there, too.  Let us deliver some beautiful Thanksgiving flowers to you in Houston, TX!

Thanksgiving Decorating

Have you done any decorating for Thanksgiving?  If you’re hosting the dinner, you might want to put up a few decorations.  Fortunately, decorating for Thanksgiving doesn’t involve a lot of stuff, unlike Christmas or Halloween.  You can get away with just a few table decorations and a bouquet of lovely fall flowers.  Here are some decorations you might want to use for Thanksgiving:

A centerpiece for your table: the Thanksgiving meal is the center of the holiday, so you want your table to look great.  A centerpiece can come in many forms and may involve pumpkins, gourds, candles, fall flowers, a ceramic turkey, or pilgrims.  Find something that fits nicely on your table so it doesn’t crowd out the food.  You may even want to put your centerpiece on the dessert table or side table if you need more room.

Thanksgiving linens:  a tablecloth and napkins are necessary for a nice meal, so you might as well make them decorative.  You can get ones in a solid fall color (orange, red, brown) or pick something with turkeys or other Thanksgiving-related images.  Napkin rings are another nice accessory, as are placemats.

Decorative dishes:  you can use decorative platters and bowls for your Thanksgiving meal or platters that match your tablecloth.  Even dishes with a fall color pattern on them can be useful.

These are just a few decorations that can make your Thanksgiving table gorgeous.  You can do more if you want, including adding a fall wreath to your front door or finding some other fall items to place around your home.  Get creative, and make your Thanksgiving decorations something special for your guests to enjoy.

Don’t forget your Thanksgiving flowers in Houston, TX!