Make Your Summer Staycation Relaxing

Are you thinking about taking a summer vacation but don’t really want to put in the time, money, and energy it takes to actually go out of town and do something?  Well, stay-cations, or vacations one spends at home, have become more popular in recent years.  You can take off a week of work and just relax at home!  If you want to take a stay-cation, here are a few ideas.

Some people just take a week off and do absolutely nothing!  They watch TV, go out to lunch and a movie, catch up on magazines or books…basically, they rest and relax.  On the other hand, some people spend this vacation catching up on chores and things they’ve been meaning to do but just haven’t had the time for, like going some home repairs or projects.  It is a vacation?  Some would say no, but others love doing this type of stuff, and for them, it’s a lot of fun.

Don’t want to take a whole week off?  You could take a few days off at the end of the week so you can have an extended weekend.  Some people might use this time to take a mini-vacation, while others just like to stay at home.  If you have family nearby, you could go visit them.  You could also go to your local zoo, spend some time at a museum checking out the new exhibits, or returning to a local attraction you haven’t visited recently.

Summer fun in Houston

Downtown Houston Texas

Summer is almost here, and there are plenty of weekends ahead to plan a little fun.   Here are just a few events and things to do!

Take a Bayou City Bike tour around historic Houston or in the Buffalo Bayou Park!  Bicycles and water are provided and each tour takes about 3 hours.   For more information visit their website.

For museum lovers, how about visiting the Contemporary Arts Museum of Houston or the Houston Museum of Natural Science?  Both feature some very interesting permanent and visiting exhibits, and admission is fairly cheap.  There are even some exhibits that children will find interesting.

Of course, for a day outdoors with the kids, nothing beats the Houston Zoo.  In addition to the great animal exhibits of elephants and primates, there are activities for the entire family.  From Camp Zoofari for all ages (including adults)  to overnight experiences,  it’s too easy to fill your calendar with zoo fun.  Check out more ideas here.

After you visit the past at the zoo, you can blast off to the future at the Space Center Houston.  Family members of all ages will enjoy the usual space center activities, but fans of the original Star Trek series will want to visit the center to check out the Shuttlecraft Galileo set piece.  Featured in several episodes of the series, the set piece and props have been restored by Star Trek fans!   Or, experience flying your own supersonic jet in the Above and Beyond exhibit.   Check out more attractions here.

Enjoy some beautiful music at one of the concerts at the Houston Symphony.  The 2018/2019 season includes Itzahk Perlman, Joshua Bell and Carmina Burana!  For box office tickets, click here.

No matter what you choose to do, make the most out of your entire summer.  At least head outdoors and take a walk around the local park or even your neighborhood.  Enjoy the sunshine!

For more great things to do this summer, visit Thrillist.

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